Tuesday, July 27


During the summer months, we often heard about the effect of Vitamin C content. Vitamin C content recommended for use with sunscreens is actually a great option for winter care rituals! While recently started to use Vitamin C supplements, one of the most consumed ingredients in the transition to winter months may be Vitamin C. That’s why the orange juices we drink or the tangerines we eat to strengthen our immune system! Why should our skin remain incomplete while strengthening our organs and body, right?

Not only as a dietary supplement, but also as a ‘hero’ in Vitamin C skin care. Vitamin C, which is the solution of many skin complaints such as hyper pigmentation, signs of aging and dullness, acts as a great exfoliant while adding a radiant appearance to the skin. Creating an antioxidant effect on your face, Vitamin C also accelerates the natural cell renewal process by supporting collagen production.

The reason we have seen this ingredient in many skin care products in recent years may be its brightening and shining feature. If you are struggling with skin tone unevenness and dullness, you can include a Vitamin C serum in your skincare routine. You do not have to see a dry and non-glowing skin when you look in the mirror every winter season! While strengthening your immune system with orange juices, do not forget to create the same effect on your skin with serums containing Vitamin C.

You can examine the 10 Vitamin C-containing serums we have chosen for you in the photo gallery.

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