Tuesday, July 27


While we change between winter clothes and summer clothes in our wardrobe every season, we do the same application in our skin care collection. While we prefer lighter formula make-up products in the summer months, we turn to more intense and nutritious products in the winter months. It can be difficult to find the right foundation formula for your skin that dries, cracks and is more sensitive than other seasons in winter. However, we made it easy for you to search! Especially if you have a dry skin structure, the winter months may not be ‘cute’ for your skin. And if your skin becomes much more sensitive when hot showers and environmental factors are added, don’t worry! There are now many options that offer makeup and skin care together.

We use moisturizing face masks, oily creams and intense serums in our morning or night care rituals. But what can we do for our skin during the day? Just like the colored moisturizers or foundations with SPF that we use in summer, foundations with nourishing formula stand out in winter. The foundations, which moisturize your skin while smoothing it, eliminate the exfoliating appearance. Winter foundations, which make a healthy touch with their serum properties, aim to protect your skin between your morning and evening care routines.

You can browse the photo gallery to see the maintenance effective foundations enriched with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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