Tuesday, July 27


Even before the mask era, wearing long-lasting makeup was like the most demanding job in the world. Now the situation is much more difficult! While our lipstick wipes off even after eating or drinking a sip of coffee, you may have forgotten the days of wearing lipstick with masks. If you continue to wear lipstick despite everything, it is very normal that you are faced with the problem of your lipstick getting on your face due to the mask. So what is the solution to the mask and lipstick formula, which is almost as challenging as a pool problem? Long lasting formula lipsticks! Nowadays, when we have to wear masks, we need products that do not deteriorate, scatter and maintain their smooth appearance for hours. Fortunately, makeup brands make this unbelievable scenario a reality.

If you have taken a break from bold toned lipsticks for a long time, it’s time to re-harness your old passion. Maybe your magnificent make-up will remain under the mask for a while, but in cases where you can remove the masks, you can continue to enchant everyone with your glamorous lips. When you think of lipsticks that are not erased for hours, you may think of matte lipsticks that exfoliate and disperse‚Ķ However, with improved make-up formulas, lipsticks are now much more useful. Remarkable with creamy but light formulas or nourishing ingredients full of vitamins and minerals, permanent lipsticks continue to look smooth and almost as if you have just worn them for hours.

To find the lipstick that will be your secret hero under the masks, you can examine the products with long lasting formulas we have chosen for you in the photo gallery.

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