Tuesday, July 27


1. Intermittent fasting

In consultation with a doctor and dietitian, you can start to practice intermittent fasting, by finding the most suitable eating pattern for your body. In this application, we consume only calorie-free liquids such as tea, coffee, plain soda without consuming calories for 12-14-16 hours a day. In the remaining 6-8 hours of the day, we follow a one or two meal diet consisting of healthy foods. The result: a quick return to a fat-burning metabolism. Goodbye slowed pandemic metabolism.

2. Fitness and sports are inevitable

Unbelievable but true, a world where we can move again has returned. To prepare for this world, we have to re-teach our muscles to move. If you do not have a health problem that prevents you from doing sports, you can start daily exercises by following successful sports teachers and their recommendations on social media. You can even be more motivated if you watch these exercise videos on a big screen TV. If you need to put a new big screen TV in your home, you can check out Philips TV models. Or you can review LG television 4K models to watch new videos with 4K resolution. You may also want to examine Sony TV models that are acclaimed for their high quality.

3. We walk everywhere

Yes, we are walking. We have to take a break for taxi or private vehicles for a while. We walk as much as possible, wherever we have the opportunity. We can even prepare special programs just for walking and walk for miles on beaches and walking areas. So why are we walking? Because our leg muscles are the largest muscle mass in the body and the calories we burn to take a step are so great that when we walk for an hour or two every day, we have the opportunity to burn our excess fat in a short time. But, of course, we do not go back after walking for an hour and consume high-calorie foods again.

4. We consume a lot of water

We should definitely drink around two liters of water a day. The water itself has the potential to burn a good amount of fat every day where it stops. In addition, it is not possible for the body to stay healthy without water.

5. We avoid environments that encourage food

Getting in shape is a job of motivation, and if the people around you are accustomed to a high-calorie diet, you’ll lose motivation as you get closer to their food-focused life. If you manage to stay away from your friends who eat unhealthy and eat at every opportunity, but for a while, you can reach your goal without losing your motivation to get in shape.

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