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We have tried many beauty oils in recent years. Some of them worked miracles, while others did not work as we expected. Especially in the winter months when our skin is dry, we always want to turn to products that moisturize our pores. You may have many moisturizing products in your care collection, but how about trying Chrissy Teigen’s favorite?

Chrissy Teigen Instagram Story

Saying that he uses many oils in his care routine, Teigen shared his favorite product with his Instagram followers. If you are not following Teigen, we share this secret with you so you don’t be left behind! “The next step is very important. It’s a secret, but I’ll share it anyway, ”says Teigen.“ One day a bird named Nova gave me this tiny bottle of butter and I couldn’t believe it. He said that this product was amazing and it had only one ingredient. I used it after giving me this oil and now I’ll tell you my life has changed, ”he added.

Plum Beauty Oil 30ml, $72 LE PRUNIER leprunier.com

Teigen, who loves Le Prunier’s product named ‘Plum Beauty Oil’, could not end up praising this oil. “I woke up and my skin was fresh and young, like magic,” continued Teigen, emphasizing to his 33 million followers that this was not an advertisement.

Teigen is not the only fan of this product! This beauty oil, which has more antioxidant effects than argan oil, contains omega 6 and 9 fatty acids as well as polyphenols that protect your skin against environmental influences. At the same time, this oil, which moisturizes your skin with Vitamins A and E, does not clog the pores with its non-comedogenic feature and can adapt to all skin types.

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