Tuesday, July 27

Fall Winter 2020 Makeup Trends

The leaves are falling and we even officially welcomed the cold weather! You may want to decorate your face with seasonal tones while sipping your Pumpkin Spice Lattes or hot chocolates. While huge knit sweaters replace floral flight summer dresses, we adapt to our environment and undergo a complete change. Just like fashion and skin care, there are seasonal changes in make-up trends. This season is a little different from the previous ones… Because there is a mask we have to wear! That’s why we can’t help but say that the makeup trends of the Autumn-Winter 2020 season generally focus on the eyes. While the prominent styles in skin and lip make-up continue, there is eye make-up under the spotlights in the new season! You can go for bold headlights, retro lashes, or natural-looking messy eyebrows to create an impressive look, even if you’re wearing a mask.

New season make-up looks continue with first runways, then celebrities and finally Instagram influencers. If you’ve ever had a little stroll on social media (which you probably do every hour!) Then you’ve noticed the ‘it-make-up’ looks of the new season. Even if you are working at home, you can try these makeup trends for Zoom meetings. Makeup looks that elevate your mood and motivate you to start the day will make you feel a little better even if you encounter stressful news, even if it’s gray clouds!

You can examine the Autumn Winter 2020 makeup trends that celebrities have started to try on the photo gallery …

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