Tuesday, July 27

Genital area aesthetics What is labiaplasty?

Although the only thing that comes to mind when talking about Aesthetic Surgery is to worry about appearance, there are great health reasons behind aesthetic procedures. Kiss. Dr. Burcu KardaƟ Arslan states that genital aesthetics is an important procedure that cannot be underestimated in terms of mental health and social relations of the person.

When we say scars, scars, birth, excessive weight loss, hormonal changes left in our body by time, the female body can undergo many changes during a lifetime.
Do you think these weary processes only affect our physical appearance?

As all the factors we have just mentioned are quite long and weary processes for a woman, psychological wear and tear as well as physical change can lead to psychological problems such as unhappiness and depression, as well as questioning the person’s self-confidence.

At this point, small or even non-surgical laser operations come into play to make the person feel better.

Labiaplasty, one of the most common procedures in genital area aesthetics; It means the treatment of deformities such as elongation and sagging of the lips that form the external genital structure due to various reasons. These factors can affect a person’s social life. For example; In activities such as the sea and the pool, the person will not feel comfortable and will be unhappy.

Deformity experienced with a simple operation can be prevented by shortening and shrinking the lips, and it gives the person self-confidence in their social life, freedom in their bilateral relations.

Labiaplasty surgery can be performed with local or general anesthesia, using self-melting stitches or laser in order to avoid the problem of removing stitches for the comfort of the patient. Labiaplasty procedure does not harm the hymen. It does not prevent sexual intercourse, orgasm and conception.

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