Tuesday, July 27


If you have been in urgent need of rejuvenating your skin lately, you are not alone! You may want to clean your face constantly with the bacteria trapped by wearing a mask all day long. When we say clogged pores, trapped bacteria, and the dryness of the winter months comes together with all the annoying complaints. If you can’t do your routine skin care treatments in beauty salons, you can bring spa methods home. How Does? With exfoliant products! Particulate scrub care products, while removing the dead layer on your skin, also opens the clogged pores. With exfoliant products that gently cleanse the annoying layer on your face, you can get a new skin in one step!

However, there are some issues you need to be aware of when applying scrubs and exfoliants! If you apply these products too often, problems such as redness and irritation may occur on your skin. For this reason, we use exfoliants regularly and carefully, as in everything in life. Naturally, your skin removes dead cells and regenerates in a 28-day cycle. However, dry and cold weather, internal heat systems and stress can slow this process down. You can add scrubs or exfoliants to your skin care routine to accelerate the cell renewal cycle, especially in winter.

You can examine the skin regenerating care products we have chosen for you in the photo gallery …

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