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Article:Neslihan Denizer

Bodrum has always been a magical place for me. I had wonderful memories there and had my best summers there. Many times I found myself there meeting people who became an important part of my life, and this has been going on for many years.

After the quarantine period, I was invited to Bodrum for a press trip. I had questions about leaving: Is this safe? Is it worth leaving home after all this time? How will I feel? Before this trip, my anxiety, which had been high for months, reached its climax, but I could not imagine it would be a life-changing trip.

Where I found Natalie was this press trip in Bodrum. If you noticed, I say I have found it, not I have met. Because I believe we really found each other there. Although I feel like I have known Natalie for years, I am surprised by her calming energy and getting better after each meeting. He invited me to his home to answer my questions. As usual “Are you hungry?” and “Can I get you something?” The first things he asks are happening. She offers me the ‘Light’ tea she worked on with Melez Tea’s Liliana Lopez and Emre Aslanoba. I completely calm down with his presence and here we go.

Natalie Garih, founder of Smarana Healing and Somatic Pranayama Breath Therapy Instructor, Energy Therapist, Access Bars Practitioner, Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master. A graduate of George Washington University, Human Services and Social Justice, Natalie has devoted her career to education as well as human equality and animal rights. After college, UNICEF Turkey, Turkey and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York City such as non-profit organizations in their position, needy children and continued to work with adults. Thanks to her work here, Natalie understood that she had to do a lot more to provide a long-term healing service. “I wanted to make a long-term impact but also remind people that they can heal on their own. Healing oneself and not being dependent on anyone else all the time. I wanted to give them a tool they can keep in their pocket so they can always use it. ”

In his first year of college, he went to Bali for a yoga certificate program. During his time there, he discovered how much he repressed things from his past and how detached he was from his own body. “I was so numb, I realized that I had no relationship with my own body. Looking back I had a lot of physical ailments and now I realize that my body was screaming for attention. We normalize these ailments and the pain as a whole, but this is not normal. It was a time when I discovered how to heal myself and wanted to build a relationship with my body and myself. I tried many things, but actually breath therapy was at the end of the line. “


While in New York, a friend invited Natalie to a breathing therapy workshop. She attended a session that would give her life through breathing practice, without any expectations.

“For me, it was the first time I expressed my feelings without judgment. It was the first time I heard my voice. Even though I don’t remember everything, ‘Is this from me?’, ‘Is this my voice?’, ‘Do I really have this voice?’ I remember asking. That’s when I realized I had a lot to say. It was the first time I realized that I don’t need to use words to explain or release myself. I didn’t need words to go back to that trauma or that period of my life when I couldn’t say what I needed to say. After that it was like a domino effect, I had to continue. When I first met you, this was the reason why I got attached to you because I could understand how you were feeling. I went that way too, I knew the feeling of suppressing its own contents. ” As Natalie mentioned, when we first met, I started crying with all my heart. For the first time in my life I met someone I felt to know me, the real one who saw me.

There is no single method of breath therapy, it can be designed as you wish. Natalie was trained in breathing therapy by healer David Elliott. David breath talks about “not teaching” but “sharing.” Because it encourages you to design the breath as you wish and let you interpret it… With regard to their belief in self-healing, Natalie and David remind you of one important point: providing and sharing the tools that will serve you when it is needed most.


Natalie is practicing Pranayama breath therapy, which is included in her yoga family. It’s about calming the mind and getting into the body, and that’s where Somatic Pranayama breath therapy comes in. Somatic means body. The body cannot recognize time, so when the mind brings a memory from the past, the body will react in the same way. The body always follows the mind, by silencing the mind – with breath therapy – you allow the body to speak, and you realize what it really has to say. “The language of our bodies is devoid of words, it is about emotion and things we cannot express in words. The body starts talking with breath therapy and my words are not enough to explain it. There we are entering a world beyond language and consciousness. We have so numbed our inner chaos and mind. One feels and remembers feeling again. “

The session begins with Natalie explaining what to do: breathe through the stomach, followed by the chest, and exhale through the mouth. When you lie down, you need to make contact with the body. What emotions are you feeling at that moment, in which part of your body do you feel pressure or tension? Free your mind, clear and engage only with your body. For me, the continuation turned out to be a lot of crying (wouldn’t be surprised if anyone who knows me is reading this), tightness in my hands and throat (as a sign that our inner ones need to be released), and an incredible sense of being with myself. I was accepting my true self. It was the first time I could see that there was more.

The pages of this magazine are not enough to explain breathing therapy and what this experience has brought to me. Feelings. Feelings. Things that I cannot physically describe but will try to understand forever …

Natalie describes the energetic nodes and layers of the body: physical layer, emotional layer, spiritual and somatic layer. The somatic body contains everything you have encountered since the moment you were born. “I realized that we were exposed to a lot of trauma, traumas that were not ours, with breath therapy. It; it could be family, generation or community trauma. Breath therapy allows you to peel off layers that do not serve you. As you continue to peel off, you finally reach the layer that really is you. Sharing breath therapy means that I can remind people to remember themselves, guide them to release everything that is not in them. “


My last question to Natalie is something I tell her almost every day, even though she has never reacted to this with her humility: “How does it feel to hear the words you’ve changed my life from the people you treat?” Smiling. “Every time I hear it, it really touches my heart and changes my life too. I like to hear this because it signals the beginning of healing. When someone says this, it means I’m there to guide them to let go of something that doesn’t belong to them. It’s all the person’s job, that person’s journey, his breath; I’m just filling that space. Self-healing is this: you can change your own life yourself. “

Self-healing. Awareness. Release. Listening to the body. All these words I hear from Natalie on a regular basis… Listen. Go deep. Look what happened. “How are you doing?” not “How do you feel?” is the first thing he asks me after hello. When I really need to examine how I feel, it’s actually a simple yet powerful word game for me.

This awareness is something I have not encountered before. The longing to understand what the body really needs is the greatest gift a person can give to himself. And when I need it most This meeting and therapy was the biggest gift I have ever received. Dear Natalie, thank you for showing me how to heal myself.

Translated from English: Defne Tatlıçeşme


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