Thursday, June 24


Harry Styles, who has turned from being the favorite handsome of young girls to a famous frontman and finally a fashion icon in One Direction, has a brand new plan. There can be no more logical project than Styles, who seems to be an inspiration for current fashion and beauty trends with his style outside of gender stereotypes, and even appears as the creator of these trends, to establish his own beauty brand!

On May 25, Styles and his longtime assistant Emma Spring applied for a perfume and cosmetics company, according to the UK’s official company registrar. In the application as ‘Styles, Harry Edward’, fans pointed out on social media that the name could be for Styles’ song ‘SHE’ in 2019, which describes his feminine side.

Harry Styles, who replaced Harry Edward Styles with his brand as Styles Harry Edward, is expected to be the new beauty brand of SHE. Of course, everything else is speculation, except for the name given in the company records. While there is no proof that the brand is really SHE, the title ‘SHE’ sounds very likely considering Styles’ genderless choices in style!

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