Tuesday, July 27


Those who cannot live without concealer come here! Okay‚Ķ We may be exaggerating but even on days when we don’t wear mascara and lipstick, we have a concealer shield. Concealers, which are an integral part of our face even in makeup-free make-up, become a spontaneous savior for the days when we skip skin care. Concealers, which specifically target dark circles, fine lines and redness around the eyes, allow you to achieve a younger and more dynamic look. After a long night or even after looking at the computer screen for hours, the concealers add a sparkle to your eye area and give your face a lively look in a few seconds.

A good concealer can imitate a long beauty sleep and smooth skin at its best! Depending on your use, you can also use concealers instead of foundation. Instead of applying foundation to your entire face, you can hide the marks, ruffles or blemishes you want to hide with concealers. Of course, this is not a long-term solution! While permanently eliminating your skin complaints that you see as ‘imperfections’ with skin care products, you can get support from concealers on lazy days.

In addition to concealing, concealers that can be used as illuminator and contours can clean excess lipsticks and can also be used as a headlight base. In short, 10 ingenuity in 10 fingers of concealers! Concealers, which will replace the joker element of your make-up bag, also apply your skin care with a single touch with herbal and natural formulas. Some concealers, which replace serum, maintain their permanence for hours and at the same time apply an impressive care to your eye area!

You can see the 10 concealers we have chosen for you in the photo gallery.

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