Tuesday, July 27


Roius Naturals “Sunday, Monday Face Serum”, which aims to carry the happy and peaceful feeling that spreads throughout the day starting from the morning breakfast of Sundays, brightens the skin with intense antioxidant extracts and fights free radicals that cause acne and premature aging.

Roius Naturals “Sunday, Monday Face Serum”, which contains intense antioxidant extracts such as currant, vitamin E, pomegranate seed, rosehip, argan and jojoba, which is a clinically proven source of gamma linoleic acid, instantly penetrates the skin. This product, which consists of herbal extracts from organic agriculture, quickly turns into a velvety texture without leaving an oily feeling with its special formula. “Sunday, Monday Face Serum” contains antioxidant extracts as well as chamomile, lavender and ylang ylang extracts that contribute to and soothe the overall health of the skin.

Special Formula Can Be Used By Oily And Acne Prone Skin

The serum, in which none of its ingredients are comedogenic (pore-blocking), brightens the skin, accelerates cell regeneration, fights free radicals that cause acne and wrinkles on the skin, and supports the skin barrier and moisture retention capacity. Oily and acne-prone skin can also enjoy an antioxidant serum without fear of being oil-based.

You can access Roius Naturals’ products from roiusnaturals.com online shopping site, select pharmacies and other reputable shopping platforms.

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