Tuesday, July 27


We Are Paradoxx, which inspires sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to make a place in our lives, draws attention with its nature and animal friendly products. We Are Paradoxx offers its products in aluminum packages that are suitable for recycling many times. Committed to using natural and organic ingredients in its formulations, the brand is between 88% and 97% natural. We Are Paradoxx products produced without testing on animals do not contain paraben, PEG, sulfate and mineral oil.

We Are Paradoxx formulas with Cosmos Organic certificate, which are accepted all over the world, are biodegradable. Adopting the principles of ‘Green Chemistry’ since the day it was founded, the brand, together with its production partners, adopts an environmentally friendly production approach by using low-energy lighting and calibrated water meters to ensure that only the water is used.

The We Are Paradoxx collection; Shampoo, 3-in-1 conditioner, hair mask, hair tonic, hair elixir, sea salt spray, hair and body wax care balm, hair and body scrub are only available at www.makyajtrendi.com.

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