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Article: Suzan Yurdacan 

What keeps it up? So what debilitates? It is actually unfair to talk about immunity like a third person because everything about us affects it; and vice versa. I’m opening a comedy movie right now.

One of the five words we hear the most in eight months is immunity. So we all know more or less what happened, but still they all hang a bit in the air. If priority, more details please. Especially if you are someone like me who does not know very well and likes to investigate and tamper with everything he is curious about, you will not be satisfied with the pocketbooks. Who can I ask this, I thought, who has pondered this issue. I did that, I asked someone who knew what immunity was. And one more question, one more detail … Not only in this pandemic period, I pin my notes on immunity, which is always an important issue, here so that I don’t forget.

Stating that “Immunity is the ability of the individual to keep his health in balance against external threats”, TheLifeCo Wellbeing founder Ersin Pamuksizer has made me wonder more. Hasn’t he established the center mentioned years ago for this purpose anyway? Actually, we know that we all have a healthier, more immune, more balanced mood, more cheerful, and a happier / better version as a whole. Sometimes it is only necessary to reveal it again, that is to support its emergence, to get help in this regard. Getting to the point, what to do for a strong immunity? And what makes him weak? “Our immunity falls down as we are exposed to excessive poison loading due to the circle of polluted water, polluted air, processed food and so on, which surrounds us day by day,” says Pamuksüzer. This is the summary. So what can we do to reverse this? Of course I asked.

What to do for a strong immunity?

The first step is to purify, it is not possible to raise immunity without cleansing. Those who keep the immunity alive are sleeping well, eating from nature, not taking processed food, being in peace and taking the stress out of their life, loving, being loved, being grateful and acting.

Could our mood, morale / motivation affect him negatively or vice versa positively?

The body is a whole, we cannot separate our physical structure from our mental and spiritual structure, therefore from our physical and social environment. Our mental and mental health is the cornerstone of our immunity today. Meditation, focusing, enjoying life and making sense of life are very important immune factors.


What advice would we recommend if our immunity has been weakened? Frankly, the first two items (in a good sense) in Ersin Pamuksizer’s answer were surprising. I understand from this, morale is as important as nutrition. Watch a comedy movie. Chat with pleasant, cheerful people. Eat less food. Choose natural vegetables and fruits as your main food source. Take vitamins C, D, A, turmeric, ginger, zinc, Omega-3 loading.

What is there anyone can do?

Eating less, feeding instead of being crammed, that is, introducing healthy cells and nutrients that lead to strong immunity, rather than an empty burden. Keeping vitamins C and D above as a vitamin supplement, taking supplements such as zinc, probiotics and turmeric.

Nowadays, we hear a lot of admonitions “it is important to eat well / not to go hungry”. How is the link between nutrition and immunity? “Don’t be hungry” brings to mind: Is detox harmful in times like a pandemic?

Hunger is divided into mental and physical: Those who read this magazine today can only feel mental hunger. Physical hunger is a far-fetched concept for most of us in today’s world, maybe once or twice a year. Nutrition is giving the body what it needs, which is not that difficult. What we eat for our mind does not feed us, it gives us temporary pleasure (but it causes us to poison permanently).

What would you suggest to those who want to do something good for them? Not everyone can detox or go to such a center.

Intermittent fasting can be done very easily. In a nutshell, it means taking your eating and drinking interval somewhere between 6-8 hours. So if you eat at six in the evening and have a liquid diet until 12 the next day, you are doing intermittent fasting in a way that does not require digestion. You can also support the strengthening of immunity by resting the body and digestive system with vegetable juice days or a fruit-based diet.

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