Tuesday, July 27


Modern skincare products are based on ancient traditions! Yes… Nowadays, we encounter many new content and trends. But nothing beats traditions that have proven themselves against the clock. Beauty rituals dating back hundreds of years, not our mothers and grandmothers, make up the favorite skin care routines of recent years. One of them is natural stone massage tools. Designed with many different natural stones such as pink quartz, amethyst, obsidian and jade, these skin care accessories care not only your skin but also your soul!

These massage tools, which you can apply with facial massage and skin care oils, support lymphatic drainage and accelerate blood circulation at the same time. While each stone has a different benefit, the structure of the massage tools offers the same effect. Emphasizing spiritual well-being, relaxation and positive thoughts, natural stones create a balancing and smoothing effect when combined with skin care.

In regular use, the roles that tighten the skin and create a natural contour effect remove puffiness, dark circles and fine lines around the eyes. You can use these massage tools, which are suitable for all skin types, in the morning or evening. These ancient massage tools, which are also effective in acne problem, improve the texture of your skin. Just like facial yoga, these natural stone massage tools that relax your facial muscles, relieve stress and create an anti-aging effect are spiritually connected to the heart chakra. Natural stones that eliminate negative thoughts and bring love and luck improve your inner and outer beauty with a single touch!

You can examine natural stone skin care products and benefits that balance both your skin care and your spiritual health in the photo gallery.

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