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The Istanbul Marathon, which will be held for the 42nd time this year, will be run on 8 November 2020 with a limited number of local and foreign athletes, taking Covid-19 measures. Those who participate in the virtual runs of the marathon will be able to run by choosing their own track, wherever they want, with 5K, 10K and 15K options. It is also important for all of us that it is the most important running organization that likes to run and thus develops funds under the name of “Charity Run” to support non-governmental organizations.

Prepare for long distance runs like 5K, 10K, 15K or Istanbul Marathon with Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch Series 6. Apple Watch keeps track of all your outdoor workouts thanks to its built-in GPS and always-on altimeter. Discover features that keep you more active, motivated, and connected than ever with Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, offering smart activity coaching, an advanced Heart Rate app, your favorite playlists directly from your wrist, an always-on altimeter, and a more responsive Siri experience.

Sharing Activities from Apple Watch

In the virtual marathon, you can follow each other by adding the Fitness Sharing feature of Apple Watch so that you can create a feeling of togetherness even if everyone runs in different places at different times, motivate each other by seeing each other’s activities, maybe send messages ‍♀️👏🏻 🙂

For this, if you click the Fitness (Activity) application consisting of 3 colored rings on your iPhone and press the Share button in the lower right corner, you can invite all your friends who are registered in your phonebook and have an Apple Watch to follow. You can complete this follow-up at any time.


The workouts you do while preparing for the marathon are very important. With the Apple Watch training app, it allows you to set goals for your runs, track multiple data during training, and view a detailed summary at the end of the workout. Thus, you can improve your runs with regular workouts.

Running training

To start training with Apple Watch, open the Workout app and choose from outdoor or indoor running workouts.

Setting a training goal

You can either run with a clear goal or set yourself a calorie, distance or time goal to start your workout. If you want to run at a certain pace during the run, you can set yourself a Tempo alert and have the Apple Watch warn you if you fall below this pace at the end of each kilometer you run.

Apple Music

Of course, we haven’t forgotten the music, which is the biggest motivation during running and training! You can easily access your playlists that motivate you while running, by sliding your Training screen to the right from your wrist. From this screen, you can access your Apple Music app and open the music you want, browse through tracks or albums, and control the sound of the music.

Swipe left to the Now Playing screen to select music and control the volume of your Bluetooth headset during the workout. To choose a playlist to play automatically when you start your workout, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then tap My Watch.

Data seen during training

Apple Watch can show you up to 5 metrics during your running workout. If you want to see different metrics while running, you can open the Watch app, go to the View menu under Workouts, select the workout and specify the metrics you want to include. For example, if you want to follow cadence or calories instead of Pace in outdoor runs, you can edit the metrics displayed during the workout by tapping “Edit”.

Get episode times

If the area you run is a circular track where you take more than one lap or a track with predetermined sections, you may want to take the lap times you will determine instead of kilometers.

To do this, all you have to do is double-tap your Apple Watch screen. The episode times and distances are numbered and saved, and when your workout is finished, you can see a detailed summary of the episodes in the Fitness app.

View your workout summary

You can view a summary of all metrics of your workouts by entering your workouts in the fitness application, and follow your trends. If you ran outside, you can see the route you ran on the map and how your pace in various sections changed by looking at the colors on the route.

Distance-free features

Apple Watch offers all the features that can take your running to the next level, thanks to its built-in GPS and altimeter. You can pair your watch wirelessly with compatible sports equipment, and since it is water-resistant, you can jump into the pool and cool off without taking it off your arm after your run.

Nike + Run Club application. The perfect running companion.

Whether you’re an amateur or a pro runner, the Nike + Run Club app offers exactly what you need to make your running experience better than ever. Thanks to millions of runners who motivate you and experts who guide you every step of the way, you will go further and faster.

Tracking foods with 3rd party apps

When preparing for an event like the marathon, your diet is also very important. You can keep your body fit by getting enough energy with the right macro and micro nutrients. To keep track of these nutrients, you can use the tracking apps recommended by the App Store editors.


While exercising intensely and paying attention to your diet, it is very important to get enough and quality sleep for your body to rest and to be mentally healthier. We can do this by gaining better bedtime habits and tracking our sleep.

Track your sleep with Apple Watch and iPhone

Your Apple Watch can measure the time you are in bed and the time you spend asleep using microphones and motion sensors. You can find a good summary of this on both your watch and the Health app on iPhone.

You can also set yourself a bedtime routine by making a sleep plan to gain better sleep habits. With this routine, as your bedtime approaches, the screen of your Apple Watch and iPhone turns off and the Do Not Disturb feature turns on. So you won’t get any more notifications and won’t get distracted. However, you can listen to a relaxing melody or meditate thanks to the shortcuts you can choose.

Mental preparation


In this exhausting process, you can relax and increase your focus with meditation practices. You can take your preparation to the next level with many applications that offer you special meditation sessions both when you want to stop and focus all day long and during jogging. If you want to stop and take a short break between your workouts, the Breathe app on Apple Watch helps you increase your awareness with a short exercise focusing on your breathing.

Health application

You can see all the metrics you need for your preparation in the Health app on iPhone and create yourself a Summary screen of Favorites where you follow them regularly. All you have to do is add what you want to follow to Favorites.

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