Thursday, June 24


It was said that Rihanna, who recently closed the Fenty brand that she founded with LVMH, will focus on Fenty Beauty, Savage x Fenty and Fenty Skin brands. Now the move we expected from Rihanna has arrived! Growing her skin care collection, Rihanna will share the secret of her hair we admire with a new brand.

From mullet haircuts to long Rapunzel hair, from colorful pixie cuts to curly and bouncy hair, we don’t have time to list Rihanna’s hair changes! Rihanna, who has managed to fit almost every hairstyle to herself, is preparing to carry her knowledge of hair style and care to the Fenty Hair brand. Rihanna, who pioneered major developments in the make-up industry with Fenty Beauty, offered an unlimited selection of foundation shades and created SPF-containing creams with Fenty Skin that leave no traces on your face.

Rihanna, who wants to add her own touch to your hair care routine with Fenty Hair, increased the rumors by applying for a new trademark registration on March 3. Rihanna, registered in categories such as hair style, dye, care and hairstyling, even added hair glitter to the list! While no official statement has been made by Rihanna yet, we are delighted that the Rihanna universe has grown! Saying goodbye to the Fenty brand was upsetting us, but we can say that with Fenty Hair, our morale has recovered even if a little …

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