Thursday, June 24


Pregnancy is one of the times when the skin requires the most care … The body that expands during this period loses its tension and elasticity, and the skin needs care. HiPP Mamasanft Massage and Care Oil helps to prevent the formation of cracks by softening the skin thanks to its vegetable oil composition specially formulated according to the needs of the pregnant women.

HiPP Mamasanft Massage and Care Oil, which contains organic almond oil and jojoba oils, moisturizes the skin while nourishing it. It does not contain ingredients that can cause allergies or damage the skin. It does not contain mineral oils, colorants, allergen components, essential oil, poly ethylene glycol (PEG), animal raw materials and paraben that prevent the skin from breathing.

HiPP Mamasanft Massage and Care Oil, which has been dermatologically tested for its compatibility with the skin, helps the connective tissue to maintain its elasticity and regenerate it when applied regularly.

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