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When the pandemic conditions were added to the unavoidably gained weight in the winter, the severity of the situation increased a little more. Our changing eating habits and movement restrictions during the time we are at home are also among the reasons for the increase in body fat. When this is the case, our goal should not be just to get negative on the scale. The primary goal is to achieve healthier and lasting results; Must lose weight from fat. For this, instead of looking for temporary solutions with shock diets, try to reduce the fat rate in your body by eating healthy. Of course, besides changing your eating habits; Supporting with sports and alternative methods will increase the effect. We also want to know what our main goal should be in losing weight before summer and how we can do it. Dietitian Su Sevilgen from Private Sculpture Polyclinic we talked to

What do you think is the most important purpose of losing weight?
The most important goal for me while losing weight is to provide permanent weight loss. While doing this, one of the points that I pay the most attention to is that the person can eat the things he likes on the diet lists and be full. Another is to ensure that the person maintains the weight they lose and to teach them to balance their food; Getting someone with emotional eating, if any, to reduce it is the thing I pay the most attention to.

When losing weight, does it go from fat or muscle; how does it make a difference?
While losing weight, the goal is primarily fat loss, this is what provides permanent weight loss and slimming. In addition, we expect a certain amount of water loss in this process, which makes the feeling of swelling go down in the body. However, muscle loss can also occur due to very low calorie diets or inadequate protein intake. This is the opposite of what we expected. Healthy and permanent weight loss should be from fat, and edema, that is, excess water, should be removed.

What contribution does nutrition have to this process?
What makes you lose weight; At the end of the day, the calories you consume are less than the calories you burn. For example, if you spend 1500 calories a day, what you eat should be around 1200-1300 calories so that you lose weight. Not only the calories you take in, but also the nutritional content of it is important. So whether you get your daily needs from a hamburger menu alone, or a breakfast with eggs, a hearty vegetable dish for lunch and meat in the evening, this is also important. Apart from this, drinking water, not consuming too much tea and coffee, restricting salt intake, regular bowel movements also support weight loss.

Is dieting alone enough to lose weight?
While the effect of dieting on weight loss is 70%, exercise is 30%. In other words, it affects your weight loss journey positively by just paying attention to what you eat. It increases your motivation for your effort, raises your mood and also helps to reduce your stress.

What would you recommend for a tight and fit look?
In order to achieve a tight and fit appearance, the primary goal in this process is to lose fat and gain muscle. In order to achieve this, you should definitely do regular sports while eating an adequate and balanced diet. Focus on the content and frequency of the workout rather than the calories you burn while doing sports. In your nutrition program, pay attention to the balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in what you eat. Make sure to have a certain amount of each of them at each meal. For example, have a breakfast with one or two eggs, one or two slices of cheese, five or six olives and one or two slices of cereal bread. Eat one meal of vegetable-yogurt, one meal of meat/chicken/fish salad. In between meals, consume one or two servings of fresh fruit, 1 glass of milk and 1 handful of nuts. Do not cause muscle loss by eating less and exercising more. Get support from an expert if needed.

We hear about fat burning foods all the time. Is something like this possible? What foods are these?
No single food will make anyone lose weight. There is no such miraculous food or drink. However, studies have found that there are foods that help burn fat. I would like to talk about the most popular ones.

So what foods should we add to our lives? What types of foods do you usually recommend in your diets? Can you give us a cure recipe to lighten and purify before summer?
Consume more fruits and vegetables. For protein, you can eat more white meat, namely chicken, turkey, fish and eggs, instead of red meat. Do not neglect the consumption of healthy fats such as olives, olive oil, walnuts and almonds, but do not exaggerate their amounts. Instead of white bread, bagels and pastries, choose grain or sourdough breads.

Some people have difficulty losing weight despite dieting. Among the reasons for this is that we have intolerance to some foods that we think are healthy and consume in order to lose weight. In this case, the foods we eat cause our metabolism to slow down and stop weight loss. It can even cause extra weight gain. World-renowned American doctor Mark Hyman explains in an article on this subject that he has encountered weight loss problems in hundreds of patients due to food intolerance, and that he has observed that his patients lose 10-20 kilos in a very short time when they remove the intolerant foods from their diet. In other words, when you learn about the foods that you are intolerant to, you can lose weight in a much healthier and permanent way.

Article: Nilay Yalcinkaya
Photos: Ribs&Dust

Taken from ELLE Turkey May 2021 issue.

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