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We’ve met Roius Naturals before. Achieving to be in our care routine with indispensable products in a short time, the brand is here with Hero Eyes Vital eye cream after SOS Balm and Hero Daily vitamin C moisturizer. Hero Eyes Vital cream, which offers pinpoint solutions to problems as in the other two products, is also very assertive around the eyes. We asked Çağla Bingöl, the creator of the brand, about the details of the product with star content …

After Hero Daily cream, we met Hero Eyes as a new product. What’s in it?

Hero is growing as a family and we are happy to introduce you as new members are added. Hero Eyes Vital Eye Cream is a very rich product. We have 3 main problems in the eye area, the first is purple circles and spots, the second is swelling, and the third is micro lines and crow’s feet. Purple circles (or hue may vary depending on skin tone and vein color) are caused by the veins visible under the thin eye area skin. When our eyes are strained, tired or irritated, the body carries more blood to the area to treat, the vessels are forced, dilated. We used a specially patented active called EVS in Hero Eyes Vital Eye Cream. This content both strengthens the vascular walls and eliminates dilation by regulating circulation. Thus, it fights both purple circles and bumps. It also helps to get rid of edema that causes swelling. Spots actually occur over time due to hyperpigmentation and impulsive trauma such as makeup, make-up removal, using contact lenses, eye rubbing or sun-induced in this area. Vitamin C and antioxidant extracts, one of the star ingredients of the Hero family, are ideal for this. It suppresses and brightens the production of melanin that causes spots. Finally, we used Stevia Rebaudiana, which is also a special active, with Aloe Vera, which provides plenty of moisture for wrinkles and crow’s feet, and Salicornia extract called herbal hyaluronic acid.

Reading content has become very important lately. Can you talk about ‘Stevia Rebaudiana’, which you call ‘herbal botox’ in Hero Eyes?

We met this content when we decided to design this product, and its effect fascinated us. This ingredient, which is originally a plant extract, helps to restrict involuntary muscle movements and facial expressions in the area where it is used. Therefore, it fights premature aging and the formation of crow’s feet. In the meantime, as a usage tip from me, you will see the effect when you apply the product around your eyes and apply the remaining part of your finger to the upper part of the nose when you smile or to the micro lines called bunny lines that appear with various gestures.

Which features should be added to our routine Hero Eyes?

This eye cream with a water-based and thinned lotion structure offers solutions to many problems around the eyes and while it easily penetrates the skin, it does not cause a white patch around the eyes. We think it can be used by anyone over the age of 25. Especially in this period when we are on the screen all day and tired our eyes. Of course, we are both tiring and we should not forget that our eyes are always the leading role with the mask.

You care not only the content but also the packaging, what is the feature of the Hero Eyes bottle?

These two members of the Hero family have intense vitamin C and other powerful antioxidants. The thing that these contents do not like most is dealing with light and air. That’s why we put it in Airless packaging. It is air and light proof, and there is no spillage problem. It is applied with the pump tip. Since the product is very well distributed, one pump is sufficient for both eyes.

As Roius Naturals, what do you care most about your products?

While designing these products, we attach importance to finding and using active ingredients that have a direct and rapid effect on the problems we want to target in the skin, which have proven themselves in laboratory experiments. All of our herbal extracts consist of certified organic ingredients. We make sure that the auxiliary ingredients are clean cosmetics. We avoid ingredients that can harm the skin such as synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, Nano particles. This type of content can cause inflammation in the person who uses it, which can bring along an early aging reaction.

SOS Balm, Hero Daily, Hero Eyes have been able to enter our care routine in a short time with their effective ingredients. We are looking forward to the next step? Have you started the studies?

We started, now the P&D work of 4 different products is running simultaneously in our laboratory at different stages. The questions that many of our customers and followers who consult us send to our social media account via DM inspire us while designing the products. We hope that we will add a new product to our series before entering 2021.

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