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With the pandemic, our life order almost turned upside down. We started to see everything under the “new normal” label. In this process, our stress has doubled, our social life has been reset. When we talk about the uncertainties and ups and downs in our lives, we feel the need to devote more time to ourselves. We have great difficulty in creating this time, both from the hustle and bustle of daily life and the busy pace of work. At this point, we have come up with a solution that will relax you and free you from negative energy. Meditation apps! Turning to meditation, especially in order to cope with stress, is one of the most applied solutions recently. As such, guided meditations started to take the lead in the download list of mobile applications. Now is the time to put aside the excuses that you have put as an obstacle to yourself. “How am I going to have time for myself?” If you think blackly, the answer is hidden in this article, not in you. Here are 5 mobile apps that will take your stress away and ease you like a bird!


Calm, one of the most downloaded applications of the pandemic period, is designed to help you relax and calm unlike other applications. Especially if you are trying to cope with intense anxiety or self-anxiety problems, this application is the remedy for your troubles! If you want to have a wider range of meditation, you can take advantage of the subscription programs that the app offers you.

Unplug Meditation

According to some, the most effective way to learn meditation is through working one-on-one with experts. If you are one of those who think this way, the Unplug Meditation application is just for you! After subscribing, you can access meditation lessons free of charge for 7 days, and the application allows you to create your own list and work with experts. During meditation, the visual richness and sound quality will be enough to make you feel in that environment. Where you want to imagine yourself, you can choose from ambient sounds with a single touch and enjoy your meditation to the fullest.


Almost indispensable part of the list is the “Headspace” application! Developed and implemented by sports scientist Andy Puddicombe, the application promises you an indescribable feeling of comfort with its meditations. The application, which has been transformed into a meditation application from an event company, includes animations, informative articles and videos in addition to meditations. Also, if you want to meditate but are unsure whether this is right for you, you can test it out with the 10-minute meditation session the app offers you.


Standing out with the suggestion of “change your mind, change your life”, Inscape offers users a unique experience. After downloading the application to your phone, you choose the appropriate appointment for you and perform your meditation physically. The meditation dome of NYInscape, established in New York, is increasing the demands day by day with its architectural structure worth seeing. This area, which was established with the aim of spiritual enrichment, was enough to impress us with its aura, even if we see it from photographs. Let’s not add that the meditation area, which has become the favorite of New Yorkers, is currently closed due to the pandemic!

Insight Timer

How would you like to practice your meditation in company with professors who have made a name for themselves in this field? If yes, grab your phone and download the Insight Timer app first thing. If you’re tired of meditating on your own, the best feature of the app is that you can create your own meditation group with your friends! In addition, you can listen to the speeches of world-renowned names and share the notes you received from the trainings with your friends. The meditation application that Gisele Bündchen collaborated with, last September, is ideal for those looking for free and quality meditation!

Article: Zülal Ayyüce

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