Tuesday, July 27


We are currently experimenting with makeup at home to raise our mood! With red lipsticks, pink eyeshadows, face stamps, our Zoom conferences may have turned into online festivals… Now, if you are looking for a simple and always-on makeup style, we’re going back to our loyal friend nude. Nude lipsticks, which create a wonderful illusion, are among the sine qua non of make-up style. “Do you have makeup or not?” The natural make-up style that raises the question is usually achieved with a moisturizing effective illuminator, colorless mascara, contours and of course nude lipsticks. Makeup-free make-up, which is the most preferred make-up style in fashion shows and Instagram for a long time, not only recently, is ideal for an effortless but energetic look.

When we say Nude lipstick, you may think of beige tones first… But nowadays even nudes are not themselves! Beige shades mixed with pinks, peach tones or browns add a subtle glow to your natural lip tone. The new generation nude lipsticks, which offer even more diversity with their satin, matte or shimmering finishes, will increase the options in your make-up collection. If you can not give up simplicity, you can start trying nude lipsticks with this sparkle!

You can examine the nude lipsticks we have chosen for you on the photo gallery …

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