Tuesday, July 27


While we tend to use lighter formula and SPF-containing foundations in the summer months, we are looking for the opposite in winter. Intense, long-lasting and moisturizing foundations can be one of the most important elements in the make-up department in winter. Especially if you are complaining about foundations that have cracks or exfoliates on our dry skin during the winter season, you need to change the season in your make-up wardrobe, just like in your wardrobe!

It may sound impossible to keep your make-up smooth all day long, when it comes to cold and dry weather and the necessity to wear a mask all the time. But fortunately, developments in the makeup industry are going against us! 24-hour permanent formulas, non-smearing and non-bleeding foundations that moisturize your skin against cold winter days offer everything you are looking for in a single tube. These foundations, which create a skin care effect while maintaining their permanence on your face throughout the day, may be the solution you are looking for in difficult and masked winter days!

You can see the long-lasting foundations we have chosen for you in the photo gallery …

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