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We can say that Instagram filters, which greatly affect the effort to look flawless in the perception of beauty, force us to perfection, especially in social media. Although this is not the same for everyone, it is a fact that we women always want to look beautiful and good / young at all ages and situations. Isn’t it the concern of looking good that leads us to these filters anyway? So why do we need this? Because having a smooth and baby-like skin is actually always our dream. Unfortunately, in real life, the situation can be a little different when we wake up in the morning and look in the mirror. However, it is possible to eliminate this (and the filters) by improving our skin quality with the right products and regular care. Doesn’t that sound nice?


In the morning and evening regularly; If you first purify it with cleaning products suitable for your skin type and needs and then meet the moisture need, you are laying the foundation of a healthy skin. After that, it is time to fight against problems such as blemishes, acne, pores, loss of elasticity and to do intensive care with products that will support their renewal. When you continue this gradual routine without disrupting it, you protect your skin.


With new generation applications that will renew the skin and reveal its natural glow, you can have a much more vivid and energetic skin appearance in a short time. For dullness, dryness and tired appearance of the skin, you can get support from medical care applications if you want to get instant results in cases where cosmetic products cannot grow and are not sufficient. Shimmer Peeling should be in your mind in this regard. Resveratrol, lactobionic acid, kojic acid and C vitamini We asked Ahu Karaduman, the expert esthetician, founder of the D-Plus center, for the details of this application, which supports the regeneration of the skin without needles and pain with its formula enriched with active ingredients and antioxidants:

“Shimmer Peeling, a needle-free skin rejuvenation system, is a multi-functional program that supports the synthesis of collagen and elastin, enhances skin elasticity by revitalizing, moisturizes, balances skin color and provides antioxidant protection. After a short application that lasts for an average of 15-20 minutes, the skin improvement is noticeable in the first session. Skin tone becomes more even, tense and radiant. 3-4 days after the procedure, a gentle peeling occurs (on the skin) that will not affect daily life and will not cause sensitivity. After the procedure, the moisture stores of the skin are saturated, color integrity is ensured and a noticeable reduction in fine lines is achieved. It can be done in 4-6 sessions at two-week intervals, 2-3 cycles a year. “

By adding these products to your care time, you can increase your skin quality and make your skin look perfect at any age.

Article: Nilay Yalcinkaya
ELLEN number is taken from Turkey in November 2020.

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