Tuesday, July 27


T-Brush toothpaste tablets, which do not contain harmful substances such as SLS, gluten, titanium dioxide, do not contain any animal DNA and do not test on animals, are in the category of vegan products with the approval of Yeditepe University.

With traditional toothpastes, the dosage is left to the user and it is not possible to set the correct dosage each time. While excessive dosage causes unnecessary chemical absorption in the body, too little prevents it from being clean enough. New generation T-Brush toothpaste tablets, on the other hand, provide the user with the necessary amount of content for oral hygiene with its innovative and innovative structure.

The toothpaste tablet taken in the mouth is broken down with the help of teeth and natural foaming is provided within seconds. The teeth are brushed with a toothbrush for a minimum of 2 minutes and the mouth is rinsed with water. Offered in 100% recyclable and sustainable packaging, T-Brush toothpaste tablets provide 45-day use in a brushing routine twice a day with 90-tablet glass bottles.

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