Thursday, June 24


You can take your perception of beauty to the next level with the right moves and the right foods, especially in order to be included in the tendency of the world to simplify and continue life by staying within minimal limits. The superfood trend, which has also taken over the food industry in the world, offers benefits in many areas such as beautification, rejuvenation, weight loss, regulating the immune system or improving bowel problems. Dark green leafy vegetables, many fruits, dark chocolate, green tea, legumes, nuts and seeds are among the most popular foods in the superfood category.

The “Super Foods” file, which we have heard frequently recently and got to know these super foods, which are also seen on social media, is in our March issue. Click to buy now.

Text: Nilay Yalçınkaya
Photos: Lee Broomfield, Irene Kredenets, Marc Philbert,
Getty Images Türkiye
Stil: Simone Viva

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