Tuesday, July 27


As in fashion, we encounter a new trend almost every week in beauty! There are unnoticed updates for 2021 in the skin care department, where different contents are under the spotlight from time to time. New Year’s beauty trends that adapt to both the time, the agenda and the popular culture allow you to create more targeted and effective care rituals. We see quite different themes when we say super-technological care devices affected by the digitalizing world, ‘maskne’ care with the pandemic, importance given to science and medical care products. We can say that skin care trends and routines, which we see influenced by different cultures such as Korea, Australia or Japanese, are affected by the agenda in 2021.

While our care routines have become longer with the time we spend at home, the interest in skin care products has also increased. The new rituals appearing on Instagram and TikTok aimed to compensate for the times we could not go to beauty salons. While the pandemic, which we have seen in many sectors, has made a positive return to the beauty industry, our awareness and interest in skin health has expanded. Although our skincare shopping style has changed, our passion for beauty products has not! Skin care products, which are expected to grow and even endure with the same effect in 2021, will bring all professional procedures to your home comfort.

If you are ready to welcome the new year in your most well-groomed state, you can examine the skin care trends that will be under the spotlights in 2021 on the photo gallery …

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