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Skin care is a normal routine of life, just like sports, nutrition, breathing, and drinking. When we disrupt this routine, we encounter unwanted results for our skin. Of course, skin care can turn into a burden after a while, just as exercising every day sounds tiring. However, after gaining some awareness about daily skin care, it is possible to turn it into a practical and effective form. So how can we apply our daily skin care in a healthier, more practical and more effective way? Here are the golden rules you should know.

First of all, removing the potentially harmful effects that damage our skin from our lives is the first and most important step in skin care. Smoking, steep sun rays, strong cold winds, showering with too hot water, leaving the skin dry without moisture, washing clothes and dishes with bare hands… These are all details that we have to take precautions against, as external effects that cause severe damage to the skin. Reducing the effects of these in our lives as much as possible will mean that we take precautions against problems that damage the skin.

We have taken precautions, but it will still be impossible for us to avoid some situations. We are not in a position to stay at home for the rest of our life just because the sun harms the skin. Eventually we have to go out. Of course, if we have the option to go out when the sun is not steep, we can use this option. In addition, we can continue to protect the skin from the sun with accessories such as hats and we can also use sunscreen creams. However, our skin may tend to dry out due to weather conditions and wind, so we should continue with preventive care applications such as moisturizing cream and hand cream every day. In addition, for the spots on our skin, we can apply solutions such as spot cream before the problem gets too big. For such skin care products, we recommend that you also check out Watsons products.

  • Skin doesn’t like hot water too much

It can be a great pleasure to return home and take a dip in hot water in cold weather, but this application, in which your internal organs scream from cold, is a complete nightmare for your skin. The skin does not like very hot water and may soon become deformed due to hot water, showing signs of aging. You will be in a bathtub full of hot water while taking a shower, and we recommend that you prefer water that is 5-10 degrees higher than body temperature.

  • Automatic skin care while feeding

You should not forget that your skin health is also linked to nutrition. Taking into account the needs of your skin during your diet, you can ensure that the skin renews and heals itself. You can add foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin A to your daily meals. You can put a high lycopene flavor such as roasted tomato or tomato sauce on your plate at one meal of the day and you will have an opportunity for your skin to renew itself.

The sad truth is that as we renounce our sleep, all our internal organs, especially our skin, fly the flag of rebellion. As our sleep problem grows, our health deteriorates even more. Like all our organs, we need a quality sleep of 7-8 hours a day in a darkened room for the skin to recover. This period corresponds to one third of our lives. The idea of ​​spending a third of life while sleeping is very sad for everyone, but unfortunately, human civilization has not yet developed a technology that can overcome this problem, and we have to sleep those 7-8 hours every day for our skin to look better, our hearts to beat healthily and all our organs to function healthy.

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