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The first snail farm, which is the hatcheries by ─░zmir Menderes in Turkey Helixtur clean air and doing away with healthy farming snail farming methods from the city with favorable climatic conditions. Snails of the genus Helix Aspersa Muller, brought from a farm in Poland, are fed with natural herbs and foods that are suitable for food consumption as well as have mucus suitable for cosmetic products. For this reason, unlike those collected from nature, snails that survive on the farm in a healthy environment free of harmful substances are grown in a controlled system in accordance with human consumption and cosmetic production.

Gamze Atay at Helixturca Farm

In the facility, the hatchery and production units are carried out indoors and the fattening periods are carried out in the open area in order to raise snails with high capacity, which can be eaten and whose mucus can be used in the maximum amount. Helixturca, which is the only farm in our country to produce real snail extract certified for use in hatcheries, indoor and outdoor production, and health checks for use in cosmetics, makes its mark on the cosmetics sector in our country with the products it offers to consumers.

In addition to products imported from abroad in our country, Helixturca offers the best alternative to cosmetic products made with herbal raw materials and presented to the market under the name of “snail cream”, as well as snail extract used in the production of creams, special manual for maximum benefit unlike machine liquid removal methods. It enables snails to continue their lives in the farm again without harming the animals, as they are milked and taken with methods.

Helixturca Products

While the pure organic liquid (extract) is used in the products without being transformed into another form in any way, all the beneficial substances in the snail mucus are preserved in the production of the products. Snail extract is a natural miracle resource that has been used since ancient times to heal wounds in the medical field, especially with its cell renewal and restorative effect. Thanks to the ingredients that are the most important requirements and building blocks of the skin, such as allantoin, hyoluronic acid, glycolic acid, vitamins, collagen, which are used in the real snail extract used in Helixturca’s skin care products produced identical to nature, the products nourish, moisturize the skin, increase cell regeneration, repair and provide color uniformity. .

Although Helixturca’s products, which are prepared to be exported both to the domestic market and abroad, have been connected due to the pandemic process experienced by the whole world, although their launch in countries such as Iran, Azerbaijan, Germany and Russia has been postponed, Helixturca aims to develop the online sales network and focus on new R&D studies during this period. used to give. In this process, the brand, which reached a significant customer mass with its products delivered domestically, offered snail washing gel, peeling and aftershave lotion, one for men, in order to increase its product range with the admiration it received from customer feedback.

Experienced in international trade, Helixturca’s all kinds of preparations have been completed so that we can see its cosmetic products in foreign markets. With the pandemic process returning to normal, it is only a matter of time to open a new export item to our country!

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