Tuesday, July 27


If you’ve always wanted to take a makeup and beauty class from Rihanna, your dreams come true! Sharing the secrets of her radiant skin, Rihanna adds a title of ‘teacher’ to her growing background. Starting the academic year with ‘Fenty Beauty University’, which started this week, Rihanna prepared a virtual makeup lesson series.

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In fact, Fenty Beauty University, which first started classes in September, tried the most iconic styles from Rihanna’s music videos and red carpet images with students. Students who tried Rihanna’s unforgettable make-up had learned from celebrity make-up artists Hector Espinal and Priscilla Ono. Espinal and Ono, the masters behind Rihanna’s signature super-sparkling but natural ‘Fenty Face’ look, shared Rihanna’s secrets with their students.

The lessons, divided into three weeks and three parts, focus on the theme of “expressing the inner radiance”. Considering Hee skin tone and type, Fenty Beauty University covers everything from eye makeup to lip makeup. The lessons seen on Fenty Beauty’s social media accounts are explained with videos or step-by-step applications. You’ll also have the chance to win interactive quizzes and special Fenty Beauty awards to test your knowledge, or to be named “Student of the Week” on the brand’s Instagram account!

Many make-up artists and experts from around the world will be able to learn something new, from those who pick up the brush for the first time to those who see themselves as a make-up master! Are you ready to be the first graduates of Fenty Beauty University?

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